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News and latest photos

September 24th 2018 Gallery becomes portfolio

I spent the summer taking pictures rather than updating this site but I realized that the Gallery was far too big and no one would have the time or patients to look at all of the photos. I have therefore changed it into Portfolio with a strict maximum of 15 photos. If I take a better photo (as I hope to do) this will replace one of the existing pics. Please take the time (2-3 minutes) to look through my best photos.

February 27th 2018 Moving from quantity to quality

The Gallery is now almost full of photos I like and that I am proud of. There are about 100 in all. I have decided to make this a maximum and that each section should be limited to 12. This means that any new photo will displace a photo which I like less (tough choices on the horizon) improving the overall quality of the gallery. Photos on Flickr, 500px and Shutterstock may include those in my gallery but other photos as well.

January 21st 2018 Finally things are in order

Finally I am happy with the contents and the presentation of the Gallery and the Albums. Tis doesn't mean they wont change in the future but the changes will be minor. Now time to take more photos....

January 11th 2018 I'm making progress

I've decided on the way to present my portfolio (the gallery) and its up and working. I now need to carefully select the photos. I have also decided to include an "Album" section for more specific subjects.

January 10th 2018  I'm still struggling to decide on the presentation of my photos

I am still trying to decide how to show my best photos and what software to use to produce the effect I am looking for. Please excuse the mess until I make my decision and clean up the site. If you would like to offer your opinion on the options I have on the site or suggest something else I would love to hear from you.

October 21st 2017 is online
The site is now online although it is far from finished. Nevertheless there are already some photos in my portfolio (others will follow). A couple of albums have also been added.
Come back again soon to see how the site is progressing. You can contact me through the address in contacts.


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